Freeform Hardcore
Release date
30 May 2016
30 May 2016 | Freeform Hardcore

Checking out our Yang side and it’s full-on freeform flavours with a fresh approach as Tamerax continues the Stamina trend of bringing the subgenre bang-up-to-date via the awesome crossover cut ‘Vampire’. Bass pops, acid squeals, clever cuts, frenetic fills and a driving energy – not too dissimilar from his hard trance efforts – all sail towards a solo breakdown that gives the floor a much-needed breather from all of the energetic insanity! A cool vocal sample and some dubby breaks n’ bass keep the pace ticking over in the breakdown as wickedly uplifting pads take the tune into arms-in-the air territory. Enter the star-of-the-show synth riff, which offers up some good classic freeform rave vibes, but with ultra modern production values on the drop, and this is another class Yang cut that will do the damage in dirty backroom sets or over big systems on the mainstage. Another essential for your sets, expand your purple collection with some proper Stamina Records styled freeform for 2K16!